What is EZBit?

Advanced import business.

Low risk for importer.
Fun for your customer.

Connection japan local auction with your customer.

  • Computer
  • Smart phone
  • Anywhere bidding direct in japan
  • One ezbit ID,Bidding many auction site.

Business model…

Japan local auction connection service in your shop

  1.  Find your member(bidder)
    -You charge to customer member fee(Your profit)
    -You can decide price member fee
    -We create ID for your customers
    -Maximum 30 bidder for a auction
    -Deposit from member(if you need)
  2. Bidding customer-self
    -Self-responsibility under customer
    -Don’t have to think What items looking for customer
  3. Charge to customer 
    (1) Last price + 20% : For auction charge
    (2) Shipping charge (your profit) : Last price × % as you decide.

Our charge

  1. 20% additional cost from won price ONLY
    (-Need to ask pick up charge in case minimum 100,000yen for one auction under all your customer won amount)
    (-1000yen per month/per customer ID over 30 member for server up grade)  


  • Japanese antique
  • Retro
  • Any used home equipment
    -Watch and clock
    and more…

Oversea bidding experience

  • Korea,Seoul,Busan /  2 partner comapny
  • China,Tianjin/ 1 partner comapny
  • Canbodia,Phom Penh / 1 partner company
  • Philippines,Davao / 1 partner company

Join us!

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