Bid yourself!
One stop used trading servise!

Bidding anywhere.
Japan local auction Web connection service.
For local exporter and container importer.

Junk/Retro/Antique/Home equipment

Advanced used trading business.

New Mormal business 2021

Advanced used trading business.

Bid anywhere

Can bid by mobile or PC from anywhere in the world.

Many kind of items

Used home equipment

all items you can chose yourself

Shipping service

Provide container shipping service.
Any country, Any port.
Also provide EMS/Air freight for expensive items.

Successful business

Basically One area One partner
for oversea custimer.
First come, First join!

Auction site

Auction site

JPH Tajimi site

Every 1st Sat from 9am

ABI Handa site

Every 2nd Sat from 9am


Ibigawa site

Every 3rd Sat from 9am

Matsumoto site

Every 4th Sat from 9am

Nagoya site

Coming soon!

Okazaki site

Coming soon!

Price for domestic customer

Member fee

3,300yen for 1ID 1ID - join 4 auction

Buying fee

10% from won price

Price for oversea customer

Member fee

3,300yen for 1ID 1ID - join 4 auction

Buying fee

20% from won price

Shipping and loading

Actual cost + from 250,000yen

* Above amount is example. Price may change situation and style for container. and addition need storage charge. Details ask to us.

Method Bidder from oversea.

Must need used business license for join auction under Japan law.
So need to contract exporter in Japan before join our auction.
They will be buyer instead you for Japan used business law.
We will provide your partner exporter company in japan.


Need deposit or advance payment for auction.

Transport each auction

Need transport charge auction site to auction site. 
Details ask.

Bid from your room,easy business EZBid.

“New normal for 2021”

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Bidding anywhere.
Japan local auction Web connection service.